London, 5 May 2022 – Current Time, a Russian-language 24/7 TV channel broadcasting from Prague, launches on Freeview UK, channel 271, via the Channelbox platform.

Current Time is a Russian-language TV channel headquartered in Prague and produced by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) in cooperation with Voice of America. The channel was established as an alternative to Kremlin-controlled media and brings real news, robust debate, and fact-based, unbiased, balanced reporting on local, regional, and international issues to Russian-speaking audiences everywhere.

Current Time has been under attack from the Kremlin since the channel began. It was designated as a foreign agent in December 2017, less than one year after its formal launch.

Following the launch of the Ukraina24 news channel last month, Current Time will further bolster Channelbox’s extensive news lineup, which include Euronews, NTD, France24 and many others.

Channelbox is a multi-channel platform available on Freeview channel 271 and accessible via TV sets connected to the aerial and the internet. Channelbox is also available via its mobile applications worldwide.

“We are very excited to have Current Time on the platform and to expand its distribution in the UK and worldwide. It is more important than ever for Russian speakers to have access to independent media, which is not controlled by the Kremlin”, said Tanya Kronfli, Channelbox Head of content and business development.

“Current Time is happy to welcome its new viewers in the United Kingdom. The partnership with Channelbox is particularly important now as Current Time continues to provide its Russian-speaking audiences worldwide with uncensored news and information about Russia’s war on Ukraine,” said Pavel Butorin, Director, Current Time.

About Channelbox

A free-to-air multi-channel platform available on Freeview devices connected to the Internet. Channelbox is accessible via Freeview channel 271 and mobile applications.

About Current Time

Current Time is a 24/7 TV and digital network for Russian speakers, led by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in cooperation with Voice of America. The Current Time network’s roots reach back to August 2014 and the debut of the website, soon followed by its YouTube and Facebook channels and, in October 2014, the launch of its first, 30-minute news program. This was followed in February 2017 by the launch of Current Time’s 24/7 TV channel. In addition to reporting uncensored news and debunking disinformation through its Smotri v Oba (“Footage vs. Footage”) program, Current Time is the largest provider of independent, Russian-language films to its audiences. A sampling of Current Time’s best content can be found on the channel’s English portal.

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