London, 3 February 2020 – Vox Africa launches on Freeview 271 via the Channelbox platform.

VoxAfrica, a news and entertainment Pan-African bi-lingual TV channel, has expanded its broadcast to Freeview via Channelbox, a multi-channel OTT platform available on Freeview 271.

VoxAfrica has a strong African identity and position, strengthening the link between the African continent and the diaspora. The channel offers a variety of African news, current affairs, dramas, soaps, documentaries and the biggest reality music show in Africa, The Voice Afrique Francophone.

Channelbox is a multi-channel OTT platform available on Freeview 271 and accessible via TV sets connected to the aerial and the internet. Some TV channels such as Retro Movies, Rudaw and Law&Crime are available in the UK exclusively via Channelbox.

“It’s been incredible few months since we launched Channelbox on Freeview 271 and we are beyond happy to see how the platform is rapidly expanding delivering new unique TV channels to the biggest TV platform in the UK”, said Head of Channelbox Business Development Tanya Kronfli.

“We are thrilled to be the first African entertainment channel on Freeview and excited to expand our viewership in the UK through this innovative technology”, said Director of VoxAfrica Sora Yago-Boli.

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